Friday, December 7, 2018

December 2018 NEWS


Ms. Michelle's Class

Baturyn Playschool



WEEKLY THEME'S : Christmas
LETTERS OF THE MONTH: will commence in January
MATH: adding, number recognition continued and patterns
TINY CHEFS: Gingerbread Houses
SHAPE: Triangle

Birthday Party day can be found by looking at your child's class calendar by clicking on their Class below.




 ***Please Note******

On Birthday Party Day, we will be decorating cupcakes and celebrating all the birthdays in the month on the one day.  If you wish to bring in a treat on your child's birthday it MUST BE store bought with the ingredients on the package. We do not allow any home baked goods.

Thank You for your cooperation!

  •  Please make sure your child uses the washroom before class begins.
  • There is NO parking in the parking lot even during the winter!  You must park on the street and walk to school, even Duty Parents must follow this policy.  Please make sure whom ever is dropping/picking up your children are aware of this policy. You risk being fined by violating this policy.  It was put in place for the safety of all children in the area.
  • Duty Parents must be 15 minutes early.  There are fines for those who do not arrive on time.
  • Cups & Plates - Please check your child's cup and plate to ensure their name is still readable.  With the industrial dishwasher a lot of the names have worn off, making it a challenge for the duty parents to find where they belong.

  •  Pajama Movie Day: Come dressed in jammies. We will be watching a Christmas movie and decorating gingerbread houses.
    - 3AM Thursday, December 20th
    - 4AM & 4PM Wednesday, December 19th

    Class Christmas Parties: All classes will be combined. There will be games, crafts, a magician and a special visitor who will have gifts for the play school children and candy canes for the rest of the siblings. All siblings, friends and relatives are invited.  In the past some parents had small gifts ready for siblings to open. Please RSVP to Ms. Michelle by December 19th. A Special Snack request will be posted shortly.
    -3AM, 4AM & 4PM Friday, December 21st (9:30-12:00)

    Tiny Chefs: Gingerbread Houses - Ms. Michelle is looking for helpers on Monday, December 17th @ 7:00pm.
    -3AM Thursday, December 20th
    -4AM & 4PM Wednesday, December 19th

    Christmas Concerts & Silent Auction: Save the date as all family members are invited (ie. grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and even your neighbours) fun will be had be all! Playschool children there for 6:40pm please.
    -3AM, 4AM & 4PM Friday, December 14th @ doors open at 6:30, concert starts at 7PM

    **** Friday classes are cancelled in lieu of concert********

    Holiday Bags:
    Each week (Monday or Tuesday) a couple of children will get the opportunity to bring home the "Holiday Bag". In it you will find a Christmas/holiday book, instructions, a craft and the sample. This is something fun for you to do with your child. The completed craft is for your child to keep. Please return the bag, instructions, sample and book for another child to enjoy.

    Bike Days:
    They are coming!!!! Starting January 9 (Wednesday) and January 8(Tuesday) we will be having bike days. Every second Wednesday and Tuesday, during gym, the children will get an opportunity to ride bikes/scooters in the gym to help with the dreaded cold winter. HELMETS ARE MANDITORY! Please ensure you send your child's, properly fitting, bike helmet labelled with their name on these days (future dates to come).

    Upcoming General Board Meetings: 
    ** All parents welcome to attend. If you have any questions, concerns or just wish to be informed of the happenings of the playschool, this is your opportunity! Starts at 6:30pm.

    Duty Parent Days:
    If there are any days you cannot be a duty parent for the month of FEBRUARY, please fill out a parent duty request forms by: Friday, December 21st. For the month of MARCH please fill out requests by Friday, January 18th If you have questions, please contact Melissa the Duty Parent Coordinator:
    **Please Note not always can requests can be granted.  The Parent Duty Coordinator will do their best to accommodate as many as possible. Please ensure you are available for at least 1-2 days per month per child enrolled.

    With the weather getting colder, please make sure your child is dressed appropriately when they come to school, if we can go outside we will.   
    Please remember mittens are warmer and much easier to put on than gloves. 
    Please LABEL everything that your child brings to class.  
    Please encourage and help your children to get dressed by themselves at home as we will be working on this at school. At playschool, we really encourage the children to be independent when getting dressed, so this support at home is greatly appreciated. 
    When you drop off your children at school, please put their hats and mittens in the sleeve of their jacket.  This helps us out a lot when we are getting the children ready to go outside (this way the duty parents and teacher do no have to search through 11-17 backpacks to find their winter gear.)

    *** If it is colder then -15c we will not be going outside. *** 


    Starting December 1st, we will have a mitten tree in school to collect items for Kids Kottage.  Students are welcome to bring in NEW mitts, hats, scarves, socks, blankets etc. for ages 0-11 years to decorate our tree with.

    We will continue Tobogganing days in January. We have a lot of Christmas festivities going on. 


    The Christmas Concert and Silent Auction will be on the following date:

    3AM  & 4AM & 4PM - Friday, December 14th

    Doors open @6:30pm (not earlier) and the concert starts @7pm. Come early so you can buy your auction tickets and get them in the items you would like to win! Cash only.

    A ton of fun! First, all the auction items that the Children's families were able to gather will line the room. When you come in you will have an opportunity to buy tickets (please bring cash) and place them in the items for auction that you find most appealing. There is even a sand dig for the kids to win a prize at the end of the night. Then the magic happens. Your children will entertain you with the music they have learned in class. Tons of photo opportunities and laughter to be had by all. It truly is a magical evening!
    **All auction items will be decided by random drawing on the night of the auction.**

    Gingerbread House Prep
    We are needing some volunteers to help prepare gingerbread houses on Monday, December 17th, @ 7:00pm (even just an hour helps). Please see Ms. Michelle if you are interested.

    Class Christmas Party Prep
    If you are interested in helping prep before the class Christmas Parties that will be on December 21st (@ 8:15am), please let Ms. Michelle know.

    Christmas Concert Help
    We need help setting up tables, chairs, and decorating Friday, December 14th, 9am. If interested please talk with Kelly (the Chair).

    Extra volunteers are needed for the night of the Christmas Concert/ Silent Auction. Ms. Michelle requires 2-4 parents/older responsible individuals to help dress the children in costume 20 minutes before show (6:40pm). As well, supervise the non-performing children next to the stage.

    Please ensure the Playschool has all necessary updated information.  We must have current phone numbers and emergency contacts for your child.  If someone else is responsible for picking up/dropping off your child and would need to be contacted in the event of class being cancelled last minute please inform Ms. Michelle of their information.