Monday, May 14, 2018

May 2017 NEWS

Ms. Michelle's Class

Baturyn Playschool


A Peek At our Weeks

WEEKLY THEME'S: Mother's Day, Safety/Transportation, Space, Dinosaurs & Flowers Garden
SCIENCE: Raising Chicks and Butterflies
MATH: Adding & Subtracting
TINY CHEFS: Sandwiches

Birthday Party day can be found by looking at your child's class calendar by clicking on their Class below.




  ***Please Note******

On Birthday Party Day we will be decorating cupcakes and celebrating all the birthdays in the month on the one day.  If you wish to bring in a treat on your child's birthday it MUST BE store bought with the ingredients on the package. We do not allow any home baked goods. 

Thank You for your cooperation!



  •  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather every day

  • Please pack your child a hat and if you wish apply sunscreen BEFORE class starts. Also your child is welcome to bring a water bottle to school. It is sure getting hot out there.

  • Last day of school is Friday, June 15th.

  • There is NO parking in the parking lot! Thank You for your continued cooperation.

    Playschool Registration 2018-2019

    There are limited spaces left for the 2018-2019 school year. Please let anyone know who may be interested. Any questions or if you would like to register please contact Crystal @ 780-708-4941.


    It is that time of year again!

    Year End Celebrations

    On June 14th and 15th we will have in-class father's day/year end celebrations. On these days, for those students carrying onto Kindergarten, we will have a mini grad ceremony. Stay tuned for more information. Friends and family are all invited.

     Graduation Pictures

    Grad pictures and class photos for the 4 year olds will be taken on the following dates:

    4AM - Monday, May 28th @ 9:30AM

    4PM - Monday, May 28th @ 1:15PM 

    3AM  - Tuesday, May 29th class photo and grad (only for the 4 year olds attending kindergarten next year)

    Pictures will be taken outside, so if it is raining or extremely windy the make up day will be TBA For all classes, during regular class times


 Classroom Guests Arrive

May 22-  the weather has delayed getting our larvae. I am hoping to be getting larvae to grow into beautiful butterflies. Students will learn about the life cycle of butterflies as we care for our very own caterpillars and watch then turn into beautiful butterflies. Release date will be in June.

May 7th We received our eggs that caught me off guard and came 2 days early and rapidly hatched into cute chicks. We will continue observing them for another week. They grow amazingly fast, they are already have feathers on their wings.

Safety City Field Trip

- 4AM & 4PM - Friday, May 18th, 10:15 - 1:30. IN LIEU OF MORNING AND AFTERNOON CLASS.



Muttart Conservatory Field Trip

4AM & 4PM - Friday, May 28th 8:50am-11:45am

Teddy Bear Picnic

We will be making our own snack and finding a nice spot for our picnic.  Please don't forget your favourite stuffy.  Rain out days are scheduled

- 4AM & 4PM Wednesday, May 30th  (Rain out day - Friday, June 1st)
- 3AM Thursday, May 31st  (Rain out day - Tuesday, June 5th)

Duty parents please bring Juice boxes if you are assigned to drinks and teddy graham crackers if you are assigned to food.

Birthday Party Celebration 

- 4AM & 4PM Wednesday, June 7th
-3AM  Tuesday, May 30th, June 6th

Year End Field Trips

-3AM  Tuesday, June 12th (tentative) U-play
-4AM & 4PM Wednesday, June 13th (tentative)  Bowling at St.Albert bowling


MONDAY, MAY 21st is VICTORIA DAY. There will be NO school on this day.

June 14th & 15th, 2018 are the last day of the school year.